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The Maintain Strategy And Current Situation Of Vale Industry
Nov 16, 2018

For a long time, most of the industry is replacing the old ones, throwing away or selling the replaced valves as waste. Especially for the flanged valves. Someone want to repair the high pressure, high temperature and large valve that has problems, but they don't know how to repair . Most still depend on manual repair . As a result that in China's valve repair industry, the lost and the benefits that can be obtained are enormous. For example, One power station (4x5omw~4x2oomw) has to repair more than 10,000 steam turbine valves and bypass valves every year.While they have only one grinding machine that was imported from Germany in 1992. The rest are manually operated, which is not only inefficient, but also inaccurate. For the bypass high pressure relief valve leaks, they cannot repair it. In recent years, as various units gradually began independent economic accounting and reduced costs, maintenance personnel from the management to the front line have gradually realized the importance of repairing valves, because the cost saved in this area are extremely considerable. However, the repair valve here does not mean simple repair, but also includes the correct repair method and excellent grinding repair equipment.   

 Due to the lack of concept and equipment for valve repair and overhaul, currently only nuclear power plants in China can basically repair all valves during each shutdown. Broken repair is a kind of maintenance-free maintenance, which is extremely unfavorable for the safe operation of the complete equipment and the service life of the valve. The potential for emergency shutdown is extremely dangerous, and the damage caused is also huge. . For example, a petrochemical plant in Tianjin has a complete set of imported production equipment from Germany. It has been in production since 1981 and has never been overhauled in 1996. In 1996, several key packing valves were found to leak, and German manufacturers no longer produce such Special valve, if reordered. Not only is the price high, but the delivery period is very long, resulting in huge economic losses. Therefore, preventive maintenance and repair measures for industrial high temperature and high pressure valves are the most economical and reliable way to solve valve leakage and extend service life.           If the valve is leaked without maintenance maintenance, it is often very serious, which not only increases the difficulty of repairing, but also even loses the possibility and value of repair. Therefore, for the organization and management of the perfect valve maintenance work, not only the relevant personnel should have a corresponding awareness, but more importantly, preventive and maintenance measures, that is, regular inspection of the valve (for example, the sealing of the valve relative to the outside, The tightness of the valve in the closed state, etc.). The key to preventive maintenance of the valve is to repair the valve immediately when it is first discovered that the valve is leaking, because the circulating medium can cause the sealing surface in a short time even in the case of a very small sealing surface damage. The large area is damaged, resulting in expensive maintenance costs.