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The Difference Between T-type Electric Three-way Ball Valve And L-type Electric Three-way Ball Valve
Oct 26, 2018

The difference between T-type electric three-way ball valve and L-type electric three-way ball valve

The electric three-way ball valve is a new type of three-port switching ball valve, which can be used to control the commutation, diversion or confluence of three pipeline media. According to the different core structure, it can be divided into T-type or L-type, T-type electric The difference between the three-way ball valve and the L-type electric three-way ball valve is mainly due to the difference in internal structure, and the difference in appearance is not visible! The T-type ball valve enables three orthogonal pipes to communicate with each other and cut off the third channel to split and merge. The L-shaped ball valve can only connect two pipes that are orthogonal to each other, and cannot simultaneously keep the third pipe at the same time. Connected, only for distribution.

The T-type ball valve is mainly used for the splitting or mixing of the medium, and the L-shaped ball valve is mainly used for the commutation! L-type three-way ball valve is used for distribution and switching without 3-way, the operation is more convenient, only two valve positions, and positioning, can be rotated 90 degrees, no error; T-type three-way ball valve channel selection range There are also many valve positions, generally no positioning, if the L-type is replaced by 180 degrees.