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The Difference Between Pneumatic Lining Fluorine Butterfly Valve And Pneumatic Hard Sealing Butterfly Valve
Oct 18, 2018

Pneumatic butterfly valve is an important execution unit used in industrial pipelines. It uses compressed air as a power source to operate the valve to open and close, and the execution speed is very fast, usually only a few seconds! Pneumatic butterfly valve has simple structure, convenient operation and low cost. It can be used not only for rapid cutting and use, but also with valve positioner to receive relevant signals to adjust and control the parameters such as pressure, flow and temperature of pipeline medium!

There are many types of moving butterfly valves, which can fully adapt to various working conditions, and can also customize the butterfly valve products according to customer needs. The pneumatic lining butterfly valve and the pneumatic hard sealing butterfly valve are two commonly used types. The medium and pressure temperature used are different. The control forms are the same, but the sealing structure is completely different. The pneumatic lining butterfly valve is suitable. For pipes that require sealing and contain corrosive media, but the pressure and temperature should not be too high, the pneumatic hard seal butterfly valve can be used in various pressure and temperature ranges, and has a long service life, but the sealing effect is not good! A hard seal butterfly valve means that both sides of the seal pair are made of a metal material or a harder other material. The soft sealing butterfly valve is the two sealing surfaces that can be used separately, or all of the soft materials can be used. For example, the fluorine-filled butterfly valve is the butterfly plate and the valve seat is wrapped with PTFE.

The soft seal lining fluorine butterfly valve has the advantages of good sealing performance, and the disadvantages are easy aging, wear and short service life. Hard seal butterfly valves have a long service life, but the seal is relatively inferior to a soft seal.