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The Difference Between Pneumatic High Platform Ball Valve And Pneumatic Belt Bracket Ball Valve
Oct 23, 2018

The difference between pneumatic high platform ball valve and pneumatic belt bracket ball valve

Pneumatic ball valve is one of the most widely used types of valves in recent years. It is not only easy to operate, but also performs very fast. It is used in various fields, such as petroleum, chemical, power generation, paper, food, pharmaceutical and other sectors. And people in their daily lives. By turning on the air source, solenoid valve control, and related accessories, it is possible to quickly open or close the pipeline, and intelligent control can be achieved to adjust the process parameters of the pipeline medium and so on! There are many types of pneumatic ball valves, which can be divided into various models according to pressure, material, connection form, application medium, and control form. Today we will analyze the difference between the pneumatic high platform ball valve and the ordinary pneumatic ball valve with bracket, the difference between the two!

Pneumatic high platform ball valve description and advantages and disadvantages:

Pneumatic high-platform ball valve, as its name implies, is a high-platform design of the ball valve. The commonly used ISO standard is designed to facilitate the installation of the drive unit. The connection plate can be directly connected to the (electric/pneumatic) actuator without the need for a bracket. And connecting the shaft. The utility model can save the cost without saving the bracket, improve the production efficiency, and greatly improve the stability between the valve and the actuator, and the performance is also very stable in use, and the utility of the whole valve is not affected by the looseness of the bracket or the too large gap of the coupling.

The advantage of the pneumatic high platform ball valve is that it is more beautiful, more exquisite, more elegant, more space-consuming and more compact than the ordinary ball valve. The disadvantage is that it is not resistant to high temperature, the temperature is transmitted to the cylinder, and the rubber ring in the cylinder is easy to age. In pipes with media temperatures below 80 degrees.

Pneumatic belt bracket ball valve description and advantages and disadvantages:

The use and function of pneumatically mounted ball valve and high platform ball valve are the same. The difference is that there is a bracket between the actuator of the pneumatic ball valve and the ball valve body. Usually, the medium temperature is high. In order to avoid damage to the actuator due to high temperatures, the ultimate goal of the bracket is to extend the service life of the valve.

The advantage of the pneumatic ball bearing ball valve is that the heat dissipation function is relatively strong. For example, the medium temperature of the pipe is above 300 degrees. At this time, it is recommended that the valve stem of the pneumatic ball valve be lengthened accordingly, and also with a bracket. The reason why the stem is lengthened with the bracket is to separate the valve body and the actuator of the ball valve, and to avoid the medium temperature of the ball valve body is too high, thereby affecting the service life of the actuator. For example, when the valve body of the ball valve is bubbled in a liquid medium, and the liquid medium contains strong corrosiveness, the operator cannot access it, and the actuator is outside the liquid level of the liquid, and the actuator needs to be operated by a worker. It is necessary to select a ball valve with a long stem and a bracket, and if the liquid is strongly corrosive, the material of the ball valve must also be made of standard stainless steel to ensure the normal operation of the pneumatic ball valve.