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Pneumatic Ball Valve Model Preparation Method
Oct 25, 2018

Pneumatic ball valve model preparation method

The description of the pneumatic ball valve type is mainly explained by the increase of the additional conditions of the pneumatic ball valve, the choice of the driving method, the connection form, the change of the structural form, the type of the sealing material, the height of the valve pressure, and the valve body material. It is helpful to the majority of users.

Pneumatic ball valve model representation:

Ball valve additional code: V means that the valve core has a V-shaped structure, D means low temperature, B means heat preservation, P means eccentric structure, U and S and DY means top-loading type;

Ball valve name code: Q indicates a ball valve;

Ball valve drive code: 2 means electrohydraulic, 3 means turbine, 6 means pneumatic, 7 means hydraulic, 9 means electric, manual no code;

Connection code: 1 means internal thread, 4 means flange type, 6 means welding, 7 means wafer type;

Floating type: 1 means straight flow path, 2 means Y type tee, 4 means L type tee, 5 means T type tee

Fixed type: 0 means hemisphere straight through, 6 means four-way flow path, 7 means straight flow, 8 means L-shaped three-way, 9 means Y-shaped three-way;

Sealing material code: B babbitt, F fluoro rubber, F46 lining fluorine, H rust steel, J lining rubber, M Monel alloy, N nylon plastic, Monel P, Y hard alloy, W valve body direct processing;

Pressure level code: 16 means the pressure is 16 kg (1.6Mpa) up to 64Mpa; 150LB means American standard pound pressure, the maximum pressure level can reach 2500LB (150LB=1.6MPA/300LB=2.5-4.0mpa/400LB=6.4 Mpa/600LB=10mpa); 5K means daily pressure, maximum pressure 63K

Body material code: A titanium and titanium alloy, C carbon steel, I chrome molybdenum steel, P18-8 series stainless steel, RM2Ti stainless steel, S plastic.