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How To Maintain A Blow Off Valve
Nov 15, 2018
In order to maintain your blow off valve you have to check it that it runs well and that it does not have any leaks just like how you check other parts of your car.

As you must know, a blow off valve is something that you install in your turbo charged engine in order to increase its performance. It is especially important for turbocharged engines that run high boost levels because it relieves the boost pressure with a throttle response even when the throttle is still closed. Without it, pressure rises quickly in the engine that can cause further damage that you car. Now that you know that it is important for your car, it is best that you also know how you should install and maintain your own blow off valve with these easy steps.

blow off valve maintenance

First, you have to have a car that actually has a turbo because installing one in a car without a turbo is practically useless. Now open the hood of the car, remove the negative cable first located at the battery terminal and then remove the positive cable next.

Next, is to remove the battery to prevent any bad accident from happening.

Third, you have to find the factory recirculating valve, the manual that comes with your car can help you find where the valve is located in your car since it can be all different compared to other car brands. When you find the valve that recirculates the air to the exhaust then that’s what you want to remove and replace.

Next, is you will see two hoses that is connected to the vacuum lines, the one connected to the throttle body after its intake is what’s connected to the top vacuum line. Now that vacuum pressure is the one that makes the valve operate. So now you can use a screwdriver in order to remove the screws on the hose clamps.

Now, slide the clamps out and then use the screwdriver to pry both of the vacuum lines off.

Then, you can now install your new valve and you should put the hoses in the opposite way that you removed it.

Lastly, you can now use your new valve by putting the batter back in and then reconnecting the positive cable of the battery and then reconnect the negative cable to the battery.

That’s how easy you can install your valve to your car, but if you are the type who is not really interested with installing it yourself then you can go to any car store so that their mechanism will gladly help you install it to your turbocharged car. In order to maintain your blow off valve you have to check it that it runs well and that it does not have any leaks just like how you check other parts of your car. You can even hear a bad sound when you use your car that may be a sign that your valve is not installed or working properly.

A good advice for you as well is choosing the right of valve for your car to ensure a better performance and the right value for money. You can decide which is the best for your car by reading reviews of blow off valve.