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Characteristics And Application Of Pneumatic PVC Ball Valve
Nov 27, 2018

Characteristics and Application of Pneumatic PVC Ball Valve

1. Strong corrosion resistance: PVC ball valves, whether in acid, alkali, salt, chlorination, oxidation environment, exposed to the air, buried in corrosive soil, or even at high temperatures of 95 degrees Celsius, will not be corroded inside and outside, still as strong and reliable as the initial installation.

2. Smooth pipeline: The surface of PVC ball valve is smooth, and it has less friction when conveying fluid. Bacteria and scales are not easy to grow and adhere to.

3. Strong pressure resistance: PVC ball valves are stronger than polyolefin materials, so they require fewer clamps and supports. Under the same pressure, the diameter of the pipe is smaller than that of the polyolefin pipe, which can achieve the same flow rate and save material and installation time.

4. Good flame retardancy: The oxygen limiting index of the PVC ball valve is 60. The pipe does not spontaneously ignite and support combustion. It also has the characteristics of smoke restriction and does not produce toxic gases.

5. Good thermal insulation performance and long thermal expansion: PVC ball valves have low thermal conductivity, which can save most of the insulation materials and construction costs in winter, and will not distort.

6. Good aseismic performance: PVC ball valves have good elastic modulus, anti-seismic and can greatly reduce the water hammer effect.

7. Excellent ageing resistance: PVC ball valves have excellent ageing resistance and ultraviolet resistance, making their normal service life much longer than other pipeline systems.