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Butterfly Valve Construction
Oct 02, 2018

It is mainly composed of valve body, valve stem, butterfly plate and sealing ring. The valve body is cylindrical, with short axial length and built-in butterfly plate.




1. The butterfly valve has the characteristics of simple structure, small volume, light weight, low material consumption, small installation size, quick switch, 90 degree reciprocating rotation, small driving torque, etc. It is used to cut off, switch on and adjust the medium in the pipeline, and has good fluid control characteristics and sealing performance.


2, the butterfly valve can transport mud, and the least liquid is stored in the pipeline. Good seal can be achieved under low pressure. Good regulation performance.


3. The streamlined design of the butterfly plate makes the fluid resistance loss small. It can be said to be an energy saving product.


4. The valve stem is a through rod structure. After quenching and tempering, it has good comprehensive mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and scratch resistance. When the butterfly valve is opened and closed, the stem only rotates without lifting. The packing of the stem is not easy to be destroyed and the seal is reliable. Fixed with the butterfly plate cone pin, the extension end is punch-out-proof design, so as to avoid the valve stem collapse when the connection between the valve stem and the butterfly plate is accidentally broken.


5, the connection way is flange connection, clip pair connection, butt welding connection and lug clip connection.


Drive forms include manual, worm gear drive, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic linkage and other actuators, which can realize long-distance control and automatic operation.




Main classification


By driving mode


(1) electric butterfly valve

(2) pneumatic butterfly valve

(3) hydraulic butterfly valve

(4) manual butterfly valve


By structure:


(1) Central sealed butterfly valve

(2) single eccentric seal butterfly valve

(3) double eccentric sealed butterfly valve

(4) three eccentric sealing butterfly valve


The material of sealing surface is divided into:


(1) soft sealed butterfly valve.

1) the sealing pair consists of non-metallic soft materials for non-metallic soft materials.

2) the sealing pair consists of metallic hard materials for non-metallic soft materials.

(2) metal hard seal butterfly valve. The sealing pair consists of metal hard materials for metal hard materials.


In sealed form:


(1) forced seal butterfly valve.

1) Flexible Sealed Butterfly Valve: The sealing pressure is produced by the elasticity of the valve seat or disc when the valve is closed.

2) external torque sealed butterfly valve: the torque generated by the seal ratio is added to the valve shaft.

(2) pressurized sealing butterfly valve: Seal ratio pressure is generated by pressurization of the sealing element on the seat or valve plate.

(3) automatic sealing butterfly valve: Seal ratio pressure is automatically generated by medium pressure.


According to the working pressure:


(1) vacuum butterfly valve. A butterfly valve whose working pressure is lower than the standard stack air pressure.

(2) low pressure butterfly valve. Nominal pressure PN<1.6MPa butterfly valve.

(3) medium pressure butterfly valve. The nominal pressure PN is 2.5--6.4MPa butterfly valve.

(4) high pressure butterfly valve. The nominal pressure PN is 10. 0--80.0MPa butterfly valve.

(5) ultra high pressure butterfly valve. Nominal pressure PN>100MPa butterfly valve.


According to working temperature:


(1) high temperature. T>450 degree C butterfly valve.

(2) medium temperature butterfly valve. 120 butterfly valves at C<t<450 degrees.

(3) butterfly valve at room temperature. A butterfly valve of 40C<t<120 degree C.

(4) low temperature butterfly valve. One 100<t<, one 40 degree C butterfly valve.

(5) ultra low temperature butterfly valve. T< butterfly valve with a 100 degree C.