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Butterfly Valve Actuator
Sep 30, 2018

Actuator is an essential part of the automatic control system. Its function is to accept the control signal sent by the controller, change the size of the controlled medium, so as to maintain the controlled variable in the required value or within a certain range. Actuators can be divided into three categories: pneumatic, hydraulic and electric according to their energy sources. Compressed air is used as energy source in pneumatic actuator. It is characterized by simple structure, reliable operation, stable output thrust, convenient maintenance, fire protection and explosion proof, and low price. Therefore, it is widely used in chemical industry, paper making, oil refining and other production processes. It can be easily used with passive instruments. Pneumatic actuators are still available, even when controlled by an electric instrument or computer, as long as the electrical signal is converted to a standard pressure signal of 20-100kPa via an electro-pneumatic converter or an electro-pneumatic valve positioner. Electric actuator energy is convenient to use, signal transmission is fast, but the structure is complex, explosion-proof performance is poor. Hydraulic actuator is basically not used in chemical, oil refining and other production processes. It is characterized by high output thrust.




(1) the actuator is divided into three types of pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators according to the driving energy.

(2) in the form of output displacement, there are two kinds of actuators: corner type and straight line type.

(3) according to the law of motion, actuators can be divided into three categories: switch type, integral type and proportional type.

(4) According to the input control signal, the actuator can be divided into several types, such as input air pressure signal, DC current signal, electrical contact on-off signal, pulse signal and so on.