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Ball Valve Structure, O-type | V-type Ball Valve Structure Principle
Oct 22, 2018

Ball valve structure, O-type | V-type ball valve structure principle

Ball valves have many kinds of structures, but they are basically the same. They are all round and round cores. They are mainly composed of valve seat, ball, seal ring, valve stem and other driving devices. The opening and closing of the valve is used on the pipeline to shut off, distribute, adjust the flow rate and change the flow direction of the medium. The seat uses different seat seals depending on the operating conditions. The valve body structure has one-piece type, two-stage type and three-stage type.

The valve body of the O-type ball valve is internally provided with a ball having a middle through hole. The ball has a through hole having a diameter equal to the diameter of the pipe. The ball can rotate in the sealing seat, and each side has a circular elasticity on both sides in the pipe direction. Body to achieve sealing. By rotating the sphere 90°, the direction of the through hole can be changed, thereby realizing the switching of the ball valve.

The O-type ball valve spool (sphere) is spherical. From the structural point of view, the ball seat is embedded in the valve body side seat when sealing. The relative motion parts are made of self-lubricating material with very small friction coefficient, so the operating torque is small, and the long-term sealing of the sealing grease makes the operation more flexible. Generally used for two-position adjustment, the flow characteristics are fast open.

When the O-type ball valve is fully open, the two sides are unobstructed as an unobstructed valve, forming a straight pipe passage, two-way sealing, and having the characteristics of self-cleaning performance. It is suitable for two cutting occasions with particularly dirty and fibrous media. The core always rubs against the valve during the opening and closing of the valve. At the same time, the seal between the valve plug and the seat is achieved by the pre-tightening force of the seat against the core, but due to the soft seal seat Excellent mechanical and physical properties make it particularly good.

The V-type ball valve core has a V-shaped structure, the valve core is a 1/4-spherical shell, has a V-shaped notch, has a large flow capacity, a large adjustable range, a shearing force, and can be closed tightly, and is particularly suitable for fluids. The material has a fibrous working condition. In general, V-type ball valves are single-sealed ball valves. Not suitable for two-way use. The edge of the valve core is V-shaped, and the ball has a V-shaped opening. With the rotation of the ball, the flow can be adjusted by using the change of the intermediate opening area, and the impurities in the fluid can be cut off and closed, which is suitable for pulp, Control of mortar and viscous fluids.