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Ball Valve Model Description, Representation
Oct 25, 2018

Ball valve model description, representation

Ball valve model preparation method:

Ball valve additional code: V means that the valve core has a V-shaped structure, D means low temperature, B means heat preservation, P means eccentric structure, U and S and DY means top-loading type;

Ball valve name code: Q indicates a ball valve;

Ball valve drive code: 2 means electrohydraulic, 3 means turbine, 6 means pneumatic, 7 means hydraulic, 9 means electric, manual no code;

Connection code: 1 means internal thread, 4 means flange type, 6 means welding, 7 means wafer type;

Structure type code:

Floating type: 1 means straight flow path, 2 means Y type tee, 4 means L type tee, 5 means T type tee;

Fixed type: 0 means hemisphere straight through, 6 means four-way flow path, 7 means straight flow, 8 means L-shaped three-way, 9 means Y-shaped three-way;

Sealing material code: B babbitt, F fluoro rubber, F46 lining fluorine, H rust steel, J lining rubber, M Monel alloy, N nylon plastic, Monel P, Y hard alloy, W valve body direct processing;

Pressure level code: 16 means the pressure is 16 kg (1.6Mpa) up to 64Mpa; 150LB means American standard pound pressure, the maximum pressure level can reach 2500LB (150LB=1.6MPA/300LB=2.5-4.0mpa/400LB=6.4 Mpa/600LB=10mpa); 5K means daily pressure, maximum pressure 63K;

Body material code: A titanium and titanium alloy, C carbon steel, I chrome molybdenum steel, P18-8 series stainless steel, RM2Ti stainless steel, S plastic.