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What is the operating principle of 300X slow-closing check valve?
Sep 18, 2018

The slow closing check valve is a kind of intelligent valve installed in the water supply system of high-rise building and other water supply systems. The valve has three functions: Electric valve, backstop valve and water hammer eliminator, which can effectively improve the safety and reliability of water supply system, and integrate the technical principle of water hammer elimination with easing, quick closing and slowing closing, so as to prevent the production of water hammer and water hammer.


300x slow-closing check valve consists of main valve, one-way valve, needle valve, ball valve, micro filter and pressure gauge. With hydraulic automatic operation, the main valve can be opened or closed at the best speed. To prevent the water from striking water to achieve the effect of silence.


This series of valve products are widely used in high-rise buildings, living areas and other water supply network system and urban water supply engineering. Control by hydraulic power, no need of other equipment and energy, easy maintenance, smooth opening and slow closing.


The working principle of slow closing valve

When the valve is fed from the inlet end, water enters the main valve control room through micro filter, needle valve and one-way valve, and then drains to the downstream through ball valve. Because the needle valve is less open than the ball valve, that is, the drainage speed of the main valve control room is greater than the inflow speed, the pressure of the control room decreases, and the inlet pressure acting on the lower end of the main valve plate opens the main valve to supply water to the downstream.


When the pipe stops supplying water, if the downstream water begins to flow back, part of the backflow water enters the main control room through the ball valve. Due to the action of the one-way valve, the backflow water cannot flow out of the main control room, causing the main control room to gradually increase pressure and slowly close the main valve.

300X Slow-Closing Check Valve