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What is oxygen globe valve?
Sep 03, 2018

In physical and chemical experiments, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon and other gases are often used. These gases are usually stored in a special high pressure gas.When used, the gas pressure is lowered to the required range of the experiment through the pressure reducing valve, which is then fine-tuned by other control valves, so that the gas is input into the service system.


Oxygen globe valves are mandatory sealed valves, so when the valve is closed, pressure must be applied to the disc to force the sealing surface not to leak. When the medium enters valve 6 from the bottom of the disc, the resistance that the operating force needs to overcome is the friction force of the stem and packing and the thrust generated by the pressure of the medium.After the appearance of the sealed valve, the medium flow direction of the flange globe valve will enter the valve chamber from above the disc. At this time, under the pressure of medium, the force of closing the valve is small, while the force of opening the valve is large, and the diameter of the stem can be reduced accordingly.At the same time, under the medium action, the valve of this form is also more rigorous.Our country valve "3 change give" once regulation, stop the flow direction of the valve, adopt from top to bottom.


When the oxygen globe valve is opened, the height of the disc is 25% ~ 30% of the nominal diameter, and the flow has reached the maximum, indicating that the valve has reached the full open position.So the full open position of the globe valve should be determined by the stroke of the disc.

Oxygen Globe Valve