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The difference between pneumatic double seat regulating valve and pneumatic single seat regulating valve
Nov 18, 2018

Pneumatic control valve is one of the most commonly used valves in the automatic control system of production process. Many users tend to confuse their hands and feet when choosing the type, because the corresponding control valve products are different in different working conditions. According to different technological conditions, choosing different control valves is the key to control various technological parameters. Key. For example, the most common pneumatic two-seat control valve and pneumatic single-seat control valve, because of their different structural forms, the corresponding use of the occasion is also different!

For how to choose between the two, we can clearly see from the name, one is a single seat, one is a double seat, as the name implies, is the difference between the seat, two seats is the body of the valve has two seats, a single seat is the body of the valve has a seat.

1. The single seat type is the one-sided matching structure of a sealing line, just like plugging the hole with a plug; it has the characteristics of small leakage, large unbalance force, smaller allowable pressure difference and smaller leakage than the two-seat valve.

2. Double seats for control valves generally refer to the use of pressure compensation requirements, through the use of two sealing lines on the spool barrel at the same time, to achieve pressure compensation and valve closure, can withstand a large pressure difference, usually suitable for large flow, high pressure drop and leakage occasions.