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Structure principle of electric ball valve
Oct 19, 2018

The electric ball valve has the advantages of small volume, light weight, small installation size, small driving torque, easy operation and agility, and only needs to rotate 90-deg; it can quickly open and close, and has good flow regulation effect and sealing characteristics; large, medium and low caliber, medium and low pressure. The application of force, electric ball valve is one of the leading valves in the pipeline is mainly used to cut off, distribution and change the flow direction of the medium. When the electric ball valve is fully opened, there is no resistance when the medium flows through the ball core opening, so the pressure drop occurring through the valve is very small, so it has a good flow control characteristics.

Electric ball valve structure:

There are many kinds of electric ball valves. They are generally divided into two types according to their different structural forms: O-type valve and V-type valve. They have different ball openings and different applications. O-type valve is generally suitable for shut-off and occasional adjustment, while V-type valve is more suitable for adjustment (large adjustable ratio).

O type ball valve structure:

A sphere with an intermediate through-hole is installed in the valve body of the O-type ball valve. A through-hole with the same diameter as the pipe is opened on the sphere. It is a non-blocking valve when fully opened. It has large throughput and no directional flow into the valve. The sphere can be rotated in the seal seat, and a circular elastomer is arranged on both sides of the pipeline to realize the seal. By rotating the sphere 90&deg, the direction of the through hole can be changed, so as to realize the switch of the ball valve.

V core structure

V-type ball valve core with V-type structure, valve core is 1/4 spherical shell, V-type notch, with the rotation of the ball, the open area changes, but the shape of the open surface is always triangular, flow characteristics approximate to the same percentage, adjustable ratio. The utility model has the advantages of large circulation capacity, large adjustable range, shear force and tight closure, and is especially suitable for the working condition of fluid material with fiber. In general, V ball valves are single sealed ball valves. It is not suitable for two-way use.