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Application of pneumatic quick shut-off valve
Nov 16, 2018

Pneumatic quick shut-off valve is a common safety supporting device in automation system. It can adapt to harsh working environment, has strong overload capacity, low failure rate and is widely used in industry. In daily work, it is in a normally open state, and the solenoid valve coil is in a power failure state without consuming power. When the accident happens, the valve coil is energized instantaneously, triggering the valve to close quickly and entering the self-locking state. At this point, even if the power is removed, the valve is still in a self-locking state and will not be re opened automatically.

The air source of pneumatic shut-off valve requires filtered compressed air. The medium flowing through the valve body should be non-impurity and non-granular liquid and gas. The automatic control system which requires fast and tight closure and rapid emptying has the characteristics of simple structure, sensitive reaction and reliable action.

Pneumatic quick shut-off valves are mainly used:

1. Connect with the flammable gas leakage monitoring instrument. When the instrument detects the flammable gas leakage, it automatically and quickly closes the main gas supply valve, cuts off the gas supply, and stops the occurrence of malignant accidents in time.

2. Connecting with the limit temperature (pressure) safety controller of thermal equipment, when the temperature (pressure) of the detection point in the equipment exceeds the set limit value, the gas supply valve is automatically and quickly closed and the fuel supply is stopped.

3. Connect with the central fire alarm system of high-rise buildings. When fire occurs in the building, the gas supply in the building will be cut off automatically to prevent gas explosion.

The pneumatic quick shut-off valve has excellent technical performance, low load loss and high reliability. It is suitable for gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other combustible gases. It is widely used in gas supply network system, gas thermal power plant workshop, gas boiler room and residential safety facilities.